Please see some of the testimonials our clients have given Compassion Fatigue Ireland.

“We consider the Compassion Fatigue training to be a very important part of our Training Calendar since it was initially offered and we have received excellent feedback from those who have attended it.

Given the profile of the sector, it is common that individuals who work in it are committed and motivated to provide the best service to what are quite often vulnerable groups or those who may be capable of challenging behaviour. Over time, and with an increasing workload, we have heard many instances of burn out and over-worked employees leaving the sector.

The Compassion Fatigue Training offered by Jennifer Reidy is key to preventing this, giving participants the knowledge and tools to help identify when they are at risk of giving too much and how to deal with stressful work situations that they may not be able to deal with otherwise. 

Member feedback to this course has been exceptional, and I would endorse fully both the relevance of this course and the need to have it offered on a wider basis to those in the caring profession and to those dealing with vulnerable persons in particular.

Finally, we believe it is very relevant to employee CPD development and look forward to a wide range of members sending staff to it on a continuing basis.”

Dr. Donal McManus

ICSH Chief Exectutive

“Jennifer delivered a number of workshops for the UL Mature Student Office between January and March 2018. The focus of her workshops with our students was on general life skills such as raising confidence, effective planning and the importance of self-care, particularly as an adult learner. Students’ feedback on the content and on the style of delivery has been excellent and all reported feeling more confident, focused and re-energised as a result of participating in her workshops.
Jennifer’s own personal experience, coupled with her professional knowledge and expertise, makes her an ideal person for mature students to connect with and we will be welcoming her back again for additional work in the near future.”

Rhona McCormack

Mature Student Officer, University of Limerick

“LIT Access Service has a proud record of promoting equitable access and successful participation in higher education. As part of our ethos, we champion positive role models to assist potential and current students to explore and experience the potential benefits that a third level education can offer. As a graduate of Limerick Institute of Technology, Jennifer has played a fundamental role in inspiring students by sharing her own educational experiences, to know that third level is a place where people can succeed, regardless of prior educational attainment or background.

Jennifer has facilitated bespoke workshops on how to remain balanced, organised and focused while building self-esteem and self-belief systems, to help grow confidence through third level education. Jennifer has a particular expertise and extensive knowledge base in compassion fatigue and in teaching techniques on how to practice self-care. Jennifer is adept at building a rapport with students and the response to workshops has been exceptionally positive”.

Anna Murphy

Access Officer, Limerick Institute of Technology

“I cannot speak highly enough on the way Jennifer delivered her workshop to our group. It was so well put together, researched intensively and exactly what we needed to hear in our line of work. We, as carers, put so much emphasis on our service users and often forget about ourselves and our own self-care so Jennifer got us all to pause for a while and remember that we matter. It really helps that Jennifer has a social care background and shares her own experiences as she did not just read this out of a book, she has all the real life experiences to back up her expertise and on top of that makes a fantastic trainer in her approach by providing an effective self-care toolkit. I highly recommend this training to anybody in the caring sector, in fact I think it should be compulsive across the board in terms of CPD.”


Health Care Practitoner

“A wonderful Facilitator – delivering some vital information to those in caring professions. Highly recommended!

Jennifer came to deliver a workshop on Compassion Fatigue and Burn Out to our group of Social Care students in LIT Ennis.
Whilst I had heard of Compassion Fatigue, it was invaluable to get a more in-depth understanding. Jennifer delivered the training in a down-to-earth, peer-led manner and drew on her own examples from her working life which made it all the more relevant.

I feel it was very worthwhile to have had this training prior to commencing our college Work Placements. I walked away from the training better able to reflect on my previous experiences in work settings, which offered huge clarity and brought closure to specific incidents. It also meant I was armed with this new knowledge as a social care student on placement which has been hugely beneficial.

With this knowledge I can be mindful of how I manage my working week and have healthy self-care practices. Compassion Fatigue/Burn Out can lead to poor work performance and a toxic work environment, to the detriment of the service-users, and, well, for any of us entering into caring professions. Isn’t that the last thing we would want?!

My confidence in my role has grown significantly. I feel that any student or professional undertaking the training would be guaranteed to leave feeling much happier and better equipped within themselves to ensure an effective delivery of care and job satisfaction.

So again, I would highly recommend to all; this knowledge is an additional tool in your ‘toolbox’.”


Social Care Student, LIT

“I first heard Jennifer speak at my mature student induction day in limerick institute of technology in 2014. Jennifer delivered a speech on her experience in college and how she coped.  At this time I felt very anxious not knowing what was ahead. Jennifer spoke of being organized and how to also take time for yourself. My notes were all over the place which made everything impossible to cope with.  My first Christmas exams were a disaster. I thought of the advice Jennifer gave and gave it a try. The first few weeks were difficult but i got into a routine. My grades went up and life got easier, not just in college but at home too. Jennifer has told me in college about her course and what it was about. When I heard Jennifer’s thesis was in the library i just had to read it. In her thesis she showed so much gratitude to her lecturers, family and her little girl, which brought a tear to my eye and made me realize how amazing she is and how passionate she is about bringing awareness on compassion fatigue and burnout. I knew after reading Jennifer’s thesis that I suffered from compassion fatigue & only for taking Jennifer’s advice i don’t think i would have got this far. I always say that the speech Jennifer made that day helped in my decision to pick LIT and i always tell people about Jennifer’s advice. I really do believe that Jennifer has had a part in my success in college and for that i thank her. I hope someday that not just students but everybody learns these tools & life will be a lot easier. I hope Jennifer knows I view her as an angel!!”


Limerick Institute of Technology

“I found the training very beneficial. It gave me additional tools and mechanisms to add to my self care routines, which i feel are the most valuable programmes that a social care worker can add to their practice/professional development. I had never heard of the phrase compassion fatigue until viewing the adverts for Jennifer’s training and would have considered past experiences as general burn out. The distinction between burn out and compassion fatigue is very useful and the information provided by Jennifer on the day was insightful in relating past events and what was actually going on for me; i.e. compassion fatigue; such as feeling unappreciated, depression type symptoms and so on as being indicators of suffering from compassion fatigue. This also helps in identifying any wear and tear I may currently be experiencing; such as feeling under valued in my role and can thus realize I need to take a step back or look at the bigger picture which would prevent further episodes of compassion fatigue. This was the biggest take away i had from the training and I considered myself to have a good self care programme/routine or awareness from previous events in my working past. However I now believe I have added to this repertoire and i do intend on linking back in with Jennifer on one to one sessions when needed.

The training was also interactive and provided a safe place to share stories with those present. I can readily recommend the training which covers an impasse in the social care training to date; how to look after ourselves and others without the detrimental experiences of been wore out to the point where GP’s can misdiagnose people as suffering from depression or other conditions”. 

Social Care Worker

“As a mature student, I count myself so lucky to have met Jennifer. I have been engaging in 3rd level education for the last 3 years and the tips and techniques Jennifer gave me have never been mentioned before. Jennifer is speaking from her own experience with education and really breaks down information and techniques in a way that allows you to see the benefits straight away. Since the workshop, I have a new sense of confidence and do not feel so overwhelmed with my workload. If you get a chance to attend one of Jennifer’s workshops please do grab the opportunity with both hands. You really won’t be disappointed!

Thank you, Jennifer!”

Limerick Institute of Technology

“Jennifer has a truly unique ability when it comes to delivering her workshops and training. Attending her workshop was a saving grace at a time in my life when I faced drastic changes. She takes the entire person into account, not just one aspect. I found Jennifer to be engaging, real and above all practical and relatable. Her no bullshit approach is what everyone needs in order to take life by the horns! Cannot recommend Jennifer & her training enough.”


Limerick Institute of Technology

“This training awakened a lot of awareness within me. Being on the front line with continued abuse hurled at me is really draining and I was bringing it all home with me, on top of family pressure makes it hard to relax. I now have to face facts & learn how to deal with these situations. Setting aside time for my personal health is difficult but I now in the process of developing a well-being program for myself with the help of a trainer to get my mojo up and running again. Reading at night is new to me but I am trying it to help relax & switch off. Jennifer’s training has highlighted my issues, which I was refusing to address.
Good luck in your future Jennifer and keep up the good work!”

Social Care Worker

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