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About Us

Compassion Fatigue Ireland is Ireland’s leading training organisation providing work-life balance and self-care training to staff.

Our training aims to meet the needs of those of you who wish to learn more about protecting yourself and your team from burnout.

We have trained a number of sectors and staff teams across Ireland providing effective strategies for coping with your work-life balance.

The key focus of this organisation is to continue to provide awareness and understanding of the impacts of compassion fatigue and burnout and ensure you gain necessary coping skills as a result of our workshops.


“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows you light to shine brightly”

Compassion Fatigue Ireland Beginnings

Compassion Fatigue Ireland was founded by Jennifer Reidy who began her career on the front line caring sector working in areas of mental health, homelessness and residential.

Jennifer achieved a B.A (Honours) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care while also accumulating education in many other areas, such as; attaining qualifications in the fitness industry, becoming a qualified trainer and receiving training in mindfulness.

The term Compassion Fatigue is a term Jennifer became intrigued with when she carried out research and compiled a thesis. This research was carried out over the space of a year, delving into concepts such as stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and self-care.

This high achieving, sought after piece of research was the first of its kind in Ireland and over the past number of years Jennifer has namely become the expert in the field of Compassion Fatigue due to her own experience on the front line, delivering a research based training package and receiving a distinction in her position as a trainer.

“I truly believe awareness is the first most important aspect of the beginning of the journey to self-care.

Once people attend our training and feel that they are not alone in their worries around burnout, they tend to relax and open themselves to the idea of self-care.

People are sceptical about all these terms, simply because they don’t understand them fully and for that reason, at our training, we break it down in a simple process and offer many paths to self-care”.

Don't Wait Any Longer.

For more information please feel free to contact Jennifer!

Compassion Fatigue

is Ireland’s leading training organisation providing work-life balance & self-care training to front line staff and carers. We are based in County Clare covering all of Ireland.

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