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What are the symptoms?

Compassion fatigue is regularly referred to as a style of burnout. The symptoms of compassion fatigue & burnout can include:

  • Impaired work-life balance
  • Lacking ability to detach from work both mentally and physically
  • Feeling overwhelmed in your workplace
  • Struggling to say NO – people pleasing driven by empathy
  • The urge to fix other peoples problems at the detriment of your well-being
  • A change in your caring approach to others
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Exhaustion, low energy levels

Our training aims to :

  • enhance understanding and awareness of the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue/burnout
  • look at how to prevent the initial burn out
  • identify steps to prevent and/or minimise risk of an onset
  • providing participants with a self-care toolkit to aid resiliency in professional practice

Who Are the Workshops/Training For?

These workshops are for all professionals, family carers and staff teams who feel they may be susceptible to burnout.

These groups can include the following:

  • IT Professionals
  • Educational Staff
  • Front Line Caring Professionals
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Financial Sector
  • Family Carers
  • All Students 

The above list is not exclusive so please get in touch if you or your team require further information.

Training we provide

Tailored Workshops & Training 

Training Programs are always tailored to meet the needs of the participants.

The courses available to be booked are:

  • Well-being, Resilience and Organisational Training
  • Self-Care Training for Front Line Staff in the Caring Profession
  • Work Life Balance Training for Employees in all Professions
  • Mindfulness Tools Apply in all Training
  • Staff Team Building Days
  • Courses on Self-Care for Family Carers
  • Workshops on Boundaries and Self-Care for Students

About Us

Compassion Fatigue Ireland is Ireland’s leading training organisation providing work-life balance training to professionals.

These training programmes were designed to support those in caring roles and professionals susceptible to burnout.

We train all across Ireland. Our team of trainers can provide in-house training which can be scheduled at a suitable time for your team.

We recommend off site locations to endure full focus on the course. Our training can be from a 2 hour workshop up to 2 days training.

Clients Include

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Compassion Fatigue

is Ireland’s leading training organisation providing work-life balance & self-care training to front line staff and carers. We are based in County Clare covering all of Ireland.

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